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A simple tool for creating Atom/RSS feeds from Hive accounts and categories.

Go to (almost) any Hive page with a content stream, and replace '' with '' in the URL. ->

Usage Examples

User Feed

Get posts from your feeds or others' as well.<username>/feed

Posts By Author

Get posts from your favorite hiver.<username>/blog

Filter posts to show only posts matching a tag

Comments By Author

Get comments from your favorite hiver.<username>/comments

Posts by Category

Get posts by category; you can get posts by new/hot/trending/promoted<category> OR<category><category><category><category>

Posts Voted by a Specific User

Get a feed of links to posts recently voted by a user.<username>/votes

Only include votes above a specific percentage weight and link to non-default interface<username>/votes?minVotePct=<percentage>&interface=<interface-name>

Supported Hive Frontends

Use the query parameter 'interface'. See the examples below.

Using Communities

You can make a feed for a Hive community, by using the community account (i.e. hive-123456) as a filter. See the example below.